somewhere / shared

“somewhere / shared” creates a space where non-patriarchal structures are explored and tested. Emphasis is placed on duels, meetings and deconstructing gender roles. The piece is inspired by the Katajjaq ritual, a traditional throat singing competition performed by Inuit women that stands as a symbol of an alternative, subversive and non-patriarchal form of struggle. Three performers combine movements and voice to create a collective resonance within somatic unpredictability.

Choreography Cristina D’Alberto
Performers Sara Campinoti, Búi Rouch, Daphna Horenczyk
Voice Antonia Dering
Music composition Leonard Kuhn
Dramaturgy Amahl Khouri
Stage design Cristina D’Alberto
Costumes Cristina D’Alberto, Martina Missel
Light design Michael Bischoff
Production management Martina Missel
Press Claudia Illi
Photo credit Stefano Piemontese
Supported by Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München (Cultural Department of the City of Munich)