Different ways to die

“Different ways to die” is inspired by the obituary page of a local newspaper printed the day of the performance.

Choreography Cristina D’Alberto, Ryan Mason
Performers Jasmine Ellis, Daphna Horenczk, Helmut Ott, Valerio Porleri and Katrin Schaffitel
Music composition Leonhard Kuhn
Light design Goran Budimir
Supported by Tanztendenz München e.V. and Munich DancePAT.

The piece has been performed during the four-nights event “For… To… Step… Next” organized by Katrin Schaffitel and Jasmine Ellis at Schwere Reiter (November 2017). Each night is inspired by a quote or article from a newspaper printed the day of the performance. Every evening is choreographed by a different artist, and involves actors, dancers, and musicians. Theme concept is thanks to Ana Zirner.