Arcadia. Eine Erforschung von Idylle und Beton

We are surrounded by curated plants. The nature around us is shaped by us. It is subject to the decisions of its gardeners as to what may or may not grow.In these landscaped green spaces we retreat and come to rest. Gardens and parks allow an illusion of naturalness, provide coolness and relaxation. Geometric shapes, water features and memories of times past allow us to escape reality. Between appropriation and distortion, our very own desire to establish ourselves in a place and leave traces behind manifests itself. How does this approach to nature reflect our society? At three different locations in Munich, the ensemble of dancers and musicians draws attention to the question of shaped nature and natural self-evidence.

Choreography Cristina D’Alberto
Assistant choreographer Sara Campinoti
Performers Sara Campinoti, Erica D’Amico, Siri Persson, João Santiago, Chiara Viscido
Music Leonhard Kuhn, Moritz Stahl
Dramaturgy Martina Missel
Photos Michael Weniger
Production management Lara Schubert
Press Claudia Illi
Supported by National Performance Network – Stepping Out, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the Neustart Kultur initiative. In cooperation with Circus Hub and Tanztendenz e.V.
Aknowledgments Arcadia. Eine Erforschung von Idylle und Beton has been created in collaboration with the performers.