I AM REAL LIFE is a live performance of art featuring five dancers, a sketch artist, a musician, a writer and a photographer co-creating in a 60 min performance. The theme of the project investigates how different artists can take the same material – the dancers – and create different lasting impressions.


Concept by Jasmine Ellis & Katrin Schafitel • Performed by Cristina D’Alberto, Helmut Ott, Jasmine Ellis, Katrin Schafitel & Moritz Ostruschnjak • Photographer Ray Demski • Sketch artist Nik Bury • Digital operators Manuel List & Christof Kreuzer • Music by Josip Pavlov • Writer Daphne Weber • Dramaturgy by Martina Missel • Supported by Tanztendenz München e.V. & Schwere Reiter Tanz München.