For… To… Step… Next

Performance Experiment. Each evening is inspired by a quote or article from a local or international newspaper printed the day of the performance. Every evening is coreographed by a different artist, and involvs dancers, actors and musicians.

FOR… TO… STEP… NEXT has been organized by Katrin Schaffitel & Jasmine Ellis in cooperation with Tanztendenz München e.V • Supported by Munich DancePAT• Performed at Schwere Reiter • Light Design by Goran Budimir • Theme concept is thanks to Ana Zirner.

FOR … Different ways to die • November 17, 2016 • Choreography by Cristina D’Alberto & Ryan Mason • Performers Jasmine Ellis, Daphna Horenczk, Helmut Ott, Valerio Porleri, Katrin Schaffitel • Music by Leonhard Kuhn.

STEP … November 19, 2016 • Article: “Fake news a global source of power over the gullible”, The International New York Times by Paul Mozur • Choreography by Jasmine Ellis • Performers Cristina D’Alberto, Helmut Ott, Alessio Attanasio, Matteo Carvone, Katrin Schaffitel, Bui Rouch & Benjamin Lange • Music by Leonhard Kuhn •  Photos by Ray Demski.